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In the Addiction Reset Community (ARC), we host a weekly ground-breaking presentation by Dr. Joan Ifland and other senior ARC members.  These presentations reveal:

  • What happened to us for the profit of the processed food industry,
  • Why overeating is not our fault,
  • How to gain the skills to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 
  • Based on new findings in research, the presentations clearly describe step-by-step methods for escaping the pain of diet-related diseases.
  • The live workshops are confidential to ARC Members, but we record the slides for the ARC Library. The links to these videos are cataloged below for you. Click on the title to watch.

These videos are not copyrighted.  Please share them with anyone who might be suffering from processed foods.. These videos give the gift of hope through awareness and education.

I. Foundations

The Diagnosis and Experience of Processed Food Addiction

This video opens your eyes to the real reason you cannot stop overeating. Once you find out if you're experiencing the signs of addiction to processed foods, then you'll know why nothing has worked to gain control over food and health.  With this new knowledge, you can begin to consider what would work and seek out immersion recovery.

I spent a decade fighting to maintain a 100lb weight-loss.  It was a nightmare until I realized that I had undiagnosed addiction to processed foods. I wished I'd taken the Self-Quiz years ago.. - TW, NH 

Understanding the Severity of Food Addiction

Very few people understand what addictions are.  Even fewer people understand what a severe addiction is.  Watch this video to find out if control over your food is blocked by a severe addiction with complications.

I've made progress in recovery, but it really accelerated when I finally accepted that I have a severe addiction.  Now I'm immersing myself and the addiction is in remission.  - PD, WA 

Processed Food Addiction: How Do We Know?

The processed food industry denies the existence of processed food addiction in order to keep us hooked. Find out about the kind of research that demonstrates the truth of food addiction.  Help other people in your life learn how we know that processed food addiction is real.

I've been listening to my doctor say food addiction doesn't exist.  They were wrong. Now that I know the truth, I can move forward in a new life. - RS, AZ

Is It Ageing Or Is It Processed Food Addiction?

Processed foods accelerate aging but most people think that growing older means developing 'age-related' diseases.  Learn the truth about how processed foods make us older than we are.

At age 50, knee pain made it hard to climb the stairs. I thought I was just getting old. Once I got the addiction under control, I felt 20 years younger and my knees are OK. Why don't people know this? -AH, ND 

the Self-Quiz years ago.. - TW, NH 

Essential Skills for Recovery from Processed Food Addiction

Have you ever wondered if finding success at controlling your food might take specific skills?  The answer is yes.  Preventing the processed food industry from keeping us addicted does take skills.  Listen to two ARC Members talk about the misery of not having the right skills to beat processed food addiction.  As you listen, you will feel the guilt of weight gain rising from your shoulders. Without specific skills, it's unrealistic to expect to beat the addiction scientists at the processed food corporations.

After watching this video, I felt a huge sense of relief.  I found out that I couldn't get my food under control because I didn't have the right skills to manage the food addiction. This is my favorite video.  - LM, OK 

Other categories in the Processed Food Addiction Video Library include:

  • Consequences and Surprising Benefits

  • How to Build a Successful Recovery

  • Recovery Skills

  • Emotional Recovery

  • Food Management

  • Media

The ARC Video Library currently holds almost 50 videos with more on the way!