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In the Addiction Reset Community (ARC), we host a weekly ground-breaking presentation by Dr. Joan Ifland and other senior ARC members.  These presentations reveal

what happened to us for the profit of the processed food industry,

why overeating is not our fault,

how to gain the skills to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Based on new findings in research, the presentations clearly describe step-by-step methods for escaping the pain of diet-related diseases.

The live workshops are confidential to ARC Members, but we record the slides for the ARC Library. The links to these videos are cataloged below for you. Click on the title to watch.

These videos are not copyrighted.  Please share them with anyone who might be suffering from processed foods.. These videos give the gift of hope through awareness and education.


I. Foundations

The Diagnosis and Experience of Processed Food Addiction

This video opens your eyes to the real reason you cannot stop overeating. Once you find out if you're experiencing the signs of addiction to processed foods, then you'll know why nothing has worked to gain control over food and health.  With this new knowledge, you can begin to consider what would work and seek out immersion recovery.

I spent a decade fighting to maintain a 100lb weight-loss.  It was a nightmare until I realized that I had undiagnosed addiction to processed foods. I wished I'd taken the Self-Quiz years ago.. - TW, NH 

Understanding the Severity of Food Addiction

Very few people understand what addictions are.  Even fewer people understand what a severe addiction is.  Watch this video to find out if control over your food is blocked by a severe addiction with complications.

I've made progress in recovery, but it really accelerated when I finally accepted that I have a severe addiction.  Now I'm immersing myself and the addiction is in remission.  - PD, WA 

Processed Food Addiction: How Do We Know?

The processed food industry denies the existence of processed food addiction in order to keep us hooked. Find out about the kind of research that demonstrates the truth of food addiction.  Help other people in your life learn how we know that processed food addiction is real.

I've been listening to my doctor say food addiction doesn't exist.  They were wrong. Now that I know the truth, I can move forward in a new life. - RS, AZ

Is It Ageing Or Is It Processed Food Addiction?

Processed foods accelerate aging but most people think that growing older means developing 'age-related' diseases.  Learn the truth about how processed foods make us older than we are.

At age 50, knee pain made it hard to climb the stairs. I thought I was just getting old. Once I got the addiction under control, I felt 20 years younger and my knees are OK. Why don't people know this? -AH, ND 

Essential Skills for Recovery from Processed Food Addiction with Susan and Athena

Have you ever wondered if finding success at controlling your food might take specific skills?  The answer is yes.  Preventing the processed food industry from keeping us addicted does take skills.  Listen to two ARC Members talk about the misery of not having the right skills to beat processed food addiction.  As you listen, you will feel the guilt of weight gain rising from your shoulders. Without specific skills, it's unrealistic to expect to beat the addiction scientists at the processed food corporations.

After watching this video, I felt a huge sense of relief.  I found out that I couldn't get my food under control because I didn't have the right skills to manage the food addiction. This is my favorite video.  - LM, OK 


II. Consequences

Processed Food Addiction and Mental Health

Learn the surprising truth about how processed food alters brain function.  Find new hope for gaining control over thoughts through eliminating processed foods and joining a compassionate, wise support group.

After suffering through awful side effects from mood medications, I see now that it was the processed foods making me feel crazy.  I'm free now.  I wish everyone in the whole world could see this video.  - JJ, KY 

Processed Food Addiction and Stress

Most people don't know that processed foods and stress are in a tight, painful loop.  Stress causes the eruption of addiction to processed foods and loss of control over behavior.  In turn, processed foods activate stress pathways in the brain. Find out how to break the cycle.

I was raised in a stressed-out household to the point that I had nightmares about it.  This video showed me that my parents were reacting to the processed food diet we ate.  I'm glad my children won't suffer this stress.  - WA, NC 

Banishing Weight Stigma

The distress of self-loathing due to the inability to lose weight is strong.  Research shows that self-stigmatization is real but people don't know how to get rid of it.  Watch this video to find out how to cherish yourself and your body.

I've hated myself since I was a child.  This video showed me how to escape that painful fate.  Liking myself is still new and a little strange, but I really like it!  I like taking care of myself. This is the secret to control over food.  - MMM, NM 

Catching Food Addiction From Social Circles

Almost all ideas about where processed food addiction originates are just plain wrong.  Research shows that addiction is 'caught' from the people around us.  Find out how to escape from the influence of your social circles' overeating but without losing connection to your friends and family.

I've blamed myself for failing to control my food but I was hanging around people who liked to go to restaurants and binge.  This video gave me a new life while showing me how to find safe friends. - HP, MA 

Food Addiction and Workplace Impairment

Processed food addiction can drain the vitality and profitability of any workplace. Employees may inadvertently encourage the spread of processed foods.  Find out how to help your workplace gain a new life through education about the unintended stimulation of stress and overeating.

I thought I was the only one being driven insane by my co-workers and their food habits.  After watching this video, I have new ideas about how to help them and myself at the same time.  - ST, MS

How Processed Foods Drain Our Finances

Not many people are aware that in on top of diet-related diseases, processed food addiction can create dire financial problems.  Watch this video to find out how to stop processed food addiction from draining your finances.

III. Building Recovery on a Solid Foundation

20 'Must-Haves' to Recover from Processed Food Addiction

Many people have been though lots of programs and spent lots of money on them.  None of them worked and people are left with a painful sense of failure.  It was never your fault.  The program was broken as soon as it was designed.  Find out what it really takes to conquer complex, deep addiction to processed foods.

After seeing this video, I'm kinda' in a state of shock.  All those weight-loss programs that shamed me for not being able to follow their scripts were bogus!!  How care they blame me!! - BW, IN

Food Addiction and Residential Rehabilitation Programs

One of the tragedies of residential rehab, in addition to being very stressful and expensive, is that it doesn't work.  People go home and are relapsing sometimes as soon as a few days later. Find out why away residential rehab doesn't work and how you could have more success with at-home rehab.

I actually went o residential rehab twice.  Everything in this video has been true for me.  It was incredibly stressful for both me and my family. At least I now know that I'm not alone in my experience.  - DD, NY 

Top 10 Discoveries in Processed Food Addiction

There are literally thousands of studies showing the existence and devastation of processed food addiction.  With her extensive knowledge of the research gained from writing/editing the textbook, Dr. Ifland has pulled out the essence of what you need to know.

After watching this video, I feel equipped to help others see that overeating is not their fault and that it's going to take immersion recovery to get it under control.  - VY, FL 

Safe Intermittent Fasting For Processed Food Addiction

Did you know that Intermittent Fasting can make processed food addiction worse?  Have you ever had the experience of bingeing after fasting?  Learn about the one and only safe fasting method for people experiencing the signs of addiction to processed foods.

This video has set me free from thinking that there was something wrong with me that fasting made me overeat. Now I see why there is only one safe way to fast for food-addicted people.  I'm shaking my head that no one warned me.   - OT, Canada 

The Top 10 Crucial Skills to Beating Food Addiction

Processed food addiction in childhood prevents us from naturally learning life management skills. The absence of these skills makes beating the addiction much harder.  Give yourself lots of time and patience to develop these skills. Find out that skills are the secret key to gaining control over food.

I've done therapy for years without success at controlling my food.  This video showed my why.  I needed specific skills to fight the food industry.  Therapy wasn't a waste.  I'm glad I did it but I wish I'd been training as well.  - AP, UK 

Cult vs Culture: Safe Recovery from Processed Food Addiction

It's sad to say that when eating programs don't work, the leaders of those programs turn to shaming and blaming the members rather than admit that their programs are fatally flawed.  Use these questions developed by Brené Brown to evaluate the safety of a program before joining.

Wow!  Now I see the dysfunction in all of those eating-disorder programs I tried.  I see why they made me feel bad.  I wish I'd seen this video a very long time ago.  It would have save me a lot of agony. - BT, Sydney

 IV. Recovery Skills

5 Steps To Getting Time On Your Side

The addiction lies and it especially lies about whether you have time to spend on recovery.  If your addiction is telling you that you're too busy to recover, this video could save your life.  Find out how easy it is to create time for getting control over your food and health

I have a big job and small kids.  I always thought I failed at weight-loss because I didn't have enough time to spend on it.  What a mistake.  This video showed me exactly how to bring enough recovery into my day.  Thank you!  - PC, Vienna 

5 Steps to Rebound From a Processed Food Lapse

Research shows that lapsing in normal in recovery.  It takes time to build enough thought control in the brain to win the battle over lapsing.  So learning how to use lapsing to strengthen resistance to temptation is very valuable.  It's just 5 easy steps.

OK! Now I see why my sponsor shaming me and firing me for lapsing was exactly the wrong thing to do.  This video gives me brain rewiring practices that actually work.  I pick myself up and find new resistance and compassion. Lapses are becoming less frequently and much shorter.  I have real hope.  - DF, Mexico City 

Safe Weight Management Through the Science of Processed Food Addiction

You may be surprised to learn that many weight-loss schemes make food addiction worse.  We're left with greater weight and more cravings.  Use science to steer clear of harmful practices and stick to approaches that actually work.

I was told to do so many things that were making my cravings worse and worse.  This video showed me why all those approaches were making me sicker and sicker.  And I thought it was my fault. Dang!  - NS, PA 

What Really Works To Control Eating

This video shares surprising new research showing what really works to control eating without waking up the fear-of-famine brain.  It's probably not what you've learned in weight-loss programs.  Find new success with this new research.

This is the first video on weight-loss I've ever seen that really makes sense to me.  I have to go slow and protect the food-seeking part of my brain.  I feel safer than I have in a very long time.  - WM, France 

How to Capture Mirror Neurons Part I

Find out the how and why of settling down into the safety of support for a lifetime.  Find out why support needs to be interesting, sane, easy, and fun while also saving you time and money.  It's all in engaging mirror neurons and conformance drive.

I was really surprised to find myself eating clean within a few days of getting into immersion recovery.  Who knew that mirror neurons were dragging me off in the wrong direction for my whole life. Now they're dragging me off to health and happiness because that's what I see in the people around me now. - EB, NE

How to Capture Mirror Neurons Part II

The processed food industry uses messaging and media to capture our mirror neurons and manipulate our conformance drive.  Find out how the food industry does this and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from it.

This video is shocking. I had no idea how much I was being manipulated by the food industry.  Now how I know how to protect myself against horrible practices.  I'm keeping my family safe too.  - FX, MI 

Cravings are Stoppable

Many of us have cravings from our earliest memories.  We've never known a time when we didn't have cravings.  So maybe you've come to the conclusion that cravings are normal.  They are NOT normal.  They can be made to go away so you can stop fighting them and have peace. 

I was pretty amazed on the day I stopped craving.  I thought I'd be battling cravings for the rest of my life. Why didn't my health professional tell me about this?  - BK, KS 

Directing vs Motivating: How to Evaluate a Health Practitioner

 This video shows you why your health practitioner has been trained to help you fail.  Health practitioners are generally trained to give you direction.  But research shows that directing results in patients staying stuck. In newer research, it has been shown that a technique called, 'Motivational Interviewing' helps us discover the best way for us to move forward and so we do. Make sure your practitioner is using Motivational Interviewing and not directing. 

I'm glad to know how to talk to people so that they can hear me.  People all around me are suffering.  Now I know what to say.  I feel powerful.  - ZD, WY

V. Emotional Recovery

6 Steps To Make Emotions Your Friends

Processed foods do many terrible things to us.  One of the worst is to magnify negative feelings and diminish good feelings.  So lots of people end up being afraid of the pain of strong emotions.  Even pleasant emotions can trigger lapses.  As you slowly eliminate processed foods, you will find it easier to manage emotions. Find out about a simple method for moving through emotions and using them to heal memories.

I never thought I'd be able to process emotions without eating over them first.  I can do these steps.  I know I can.  I have new hope for getting control over my food after watching this video.  - PW, TX 

Feel the Feels

This is an expert presentation from Susan Hinshaw, MFA, faulty at the Theater Department of Canyon College. Learn how to identify, manage, and process feelings from a pro in the field. Never let an emotion drive you to overeat again.

This video was delightful.  I always wondered how actors handled their emotions.  - GS, TN 

Body Work Part I. Setting and Safeguarding Your Body with Heather Hewett, ND

From the magnificent book, My Grandmother's Hands by Resma Menakem comes powerful methods for calming ourselves. Find out how to work with your body to stay in calm control over your food.

What I really liked about this video is that everything was explained in a way that I can understand and actually follow the advice.  And I like the way it settles me down.  - NT, AL 

Body Work Part II. Anchoring and Healing: Moving Through Clean Pain with Heather Hewett, ND

When life puts up its inevitable stumbling blocks, this video shows you how to move through the pain and stay safe with your food.  These are practical, doable tips that really work from Resma Menakem, acclaimed psychologist.

I've experienced a lot of pain in my life.  I would have experienced a lot less if I'd gotten to see this simple video years ago.  Well, now I know what to do.  I'm grateful.   - TL, Sweden 

The Secret to Control: Self-care

Many people have been taught that taking care of ourselves is selfish.  This erroneous belief keeps us in the pain of self-neglect which drives us into overeating.  Learn about the gold hidden in the self-kindness of great self-care.

For my whole life, I've been consumed with hating myself and eating out of control.  I just couldn't break the cycle.  Being around gentle people who easily take care of themselves turned out to be just what I needed.  I like this a whole lot better than neglecting myself and punishing myself with food.   - JB, Idaho 

10 Guideposts to Wholehearted Living

Brené Brown lays out clearly the guideposts to living a fully purposeful life.  As you move out from under the burden of processed foods, claim your right to a life full of power and joy.  Don't waste another moment on stuff that doesn't matter!

I've always liked Brené Brown but I didn't know how to put her stuff into practice.  Now I know that all it takes is being around people who always want to lead a fulfilling life.  I'm so much happier! - HH, South Africa

ARC Breath Fest: New Ways to Take Control of your Life

 Breathwork has been used for thousands of years to support health and healing.  This is not meditation.  It's easy to do and the results are absolutely astonishing. Just listen along to the videos and follow the instructions.  Research shows that these techniques increase oxygen, anti-infection, anti-inflammation, alkaline, dopamine and serotonin production in the body.  All good.  Breathwork is free and surprisingly effective.

After seeing this video, I decided to try breath work.  My brain has always been too busy to enjoy meditation, but heck, I can breathe along to a Youtube video.  Anyone can do this! I'm shocked at how much better I'm sleeping and how much clearer my thoughts are. - CP, Columbia

VI. Food Management

What Are Processed Foods?

Find clarity on this crucial issue of the difference between real food and drugs being presented as food.  Find out exactly which food-like substances are hurting you and which foods are nourishing.  You'll have the research on your side and be able to win any argument over what we should be eating.

Protein Rotation

Find out how to solve the question of what protein is right for you.  You will go through a process of determining for yourself which proteins work well for you and which proteins are best left out. For animal proteins begin at the beginning of this video and watch through.  For plant proteins, watch until minute 8 and then fast-forward to minute 18.

Starch Rotation

Solve the riddle of whether or not starchy vegetables, beans, and grains work for you.  No one can tell you whether you can tolerate starchy foods but you can empower yourself to determine this.

Vegetable Rotation

Find out how you react to vegetables.  Are you happier with or without them?  Which ones make you feel satisfied and which ones don't.  You are the only one who can decide.

Fruit Rotation

It seems that people like to argue about fruit.  What they think and what works for them is not going to help you.  Find out for yourself what fruits support your well-being and which ones you are happy to avoid.

The Science of Excluded Foods

End the debate over which processed foods are damaging your health.  Cut through the confusion to find out what researchers have discovered about what processed foods actually do to us.  Just please promise yourself to give yourself a few years to work down the list of foods to eliminate.  We have all the time in the world to eliminate the many processed foods.  Wait until your own internal voice of wisdom suggests that you're ready to give up a particular food.  If this seems overwhelming, please ask for training at the Addiction Reset Community.

Top Ten Tips To Control Holiday Food

Do you dread the holidays like millions of other people?  There is a good reason.  The processed food industry ramps up the intensity of food stimulation until we feel crazy and we're sick in bed.  Find out how to defend against this insanity.

VII. Media

Review of the Book Hooked

Michael Moss walks us through how the processed food industry teaches our brains to crave and obsess over their toxic products.  You will see why overeating is not your fault after watching this video.

Review of the Book: Animal, Vegetable, Junk - Top Reveals

Mark Bittman shows us the sad truth that powerful people have been taking land and food from small farmers for millennia. The exploitation and suffering of millions for the profit and power of a few have been repeated over and again.  We must band together to protect ourselves.

Time Magazine Review Special Issue on Sugar 

This video will show you clearly that media is not on our side.  After watching this video and becoming aware of the deception in the special issue, you will read media with a wiser eye.  Learn how to avoid falling for the manipulations of mainstream media.

Book Review of Metabolical: It's Up to Us

This is easily the best book of 2021. Dr. Lustig shows us the devastation of processed foods starting with cell destruction.  He moves us through the reasons that our governments have abandoned us in favor of protecting industry profits including health, food, pharmaceutical, and agricultural.  Find out why we must take matters into our own hands.  No one is coming to save us.  It's up to us.


The ARC Video Library currently holds almost 50 videos with more on the way!



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Banishing Weight Stigma


What Really Works to Control Eating


Processed Foods and Stress



Processed Food Addiction: How Do We Know?


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